Opportunities & Placement Tie-ups


Present scenario of solar power sector is very attractive for employment. The huge demand for qualified technicians in coming years to achieve government target of One Lakh MW installations by 2022 is showing new avenues of employment for the youth. As earlier said the solar power industry cycle has reached the growth phase crossing introduction phase, the growth rate will be very high.The decision of establishing Well advanced solar training center is a good move for the Unskilled youth as well as solar power industry.

The Shamoma power group has Tie-up with world class solar equipment manufacturers for supply of the solar components. The EMMVEE solar, Exide Industries, Navsemi Technologies, Supreme solar, Locozo technologies etc are some of our business partners.The trained students can be employed in our group and balance may be referred to our business partners for placement. The trainees have various opportunities to get employment through placements, being renewable Energy sector consultant, Equipment manufacturer, System integrator, EPC contractor etc as per their interest. The institute arrange placement interviews with solar industry firms. The profiles of all trainees will be in a data base which will be available on our website.all the renewable energy companies are free the access the profiles of the trainees and they can contact them for placements. The trainee batches will be a buffer for sudden technician requirements towards meeting the targets.

The sound practical real time training on solar system Installation & commissioning will be given to the trainees, so that they can readily handle the sites in various companies without further training.

The strong technological & Financial back ground is the base of the group. It is the capacity & patience of the students to learn new skills as we have no limit to give best training to the students.

Further the Shamoma power group has entered in solar power plants erection & commissioning work. It has already provided solar systems for camp offices of BHEL & TATA company contractors as there is no grid power at present in Kadiri solar park of AP. Negotiations are in progress for MW range erection works with various companies. This provides a good opportunity to the trainees to participate in solar power plant erection work.