R & D Activities


The SREE society has technological partnership with leading solar equipment manufacturers. The society has established Sophisticated R&D centre in the Training institute with help of LOCOZO Technologies, Banglore which is leading manufacturer of LED lights of various applications and having nearly 10 patents on LED lighting.

The other market leader is Navsemi Energy ,which has excellent track record in solar energy harvesting. This company is member of Alpha power group of America.The technical support extended by these companies besides our other business partners is a great support for practical experience in manufacturing activities also.

The students are allowed to do their experiments in the training institute itself and this can be used as an incubation centre for Renewable energy research. They can visit the head offices of our business partners in Banglore and Hyderabad for advanced research.

The major focused area is agricultural mechanization with the solar energy.

Proto type paddy cutters, weed- out machines , Food processing with solar energy like drying grains, paddy, onions, milk pasteurisation etc and vegetables washing and processing machines.

The Society is planning to start research in Electro Motive Vehicles batteries as 30% of present vehicles may be of Solar electro motive by coming 3-5 years in clean energy programme of India.